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“This was a fantastic experience for a 1st cruise. It was great to meet Jeanne!” – Geraldine Mellon, Wisconsin
“This cruise cannot be replicated! For me, it was perfect – could have used more sleep!!!" – Addie Boudreau, California
“Thank you for a wonderful vacation. We had a blast!" – Teresa and Tom Pihl, California
“Please, please, please can we do this again?!!" – Barbara Heckman, New York City
“I loved being part of the group. I always felt like I had ‘instant friends’ – everyone was so friendly. That was the best part.” – Mary Ann Aldrich, Nevada
“I will never forget this cruise. And best of all I got to meet Jeanne Bice!” –Mary J. Harrison, Virginia
“Excellent service from the staff…Cruise Everything went out of their way to take care of you....for a 1st time cruiser I was apprehensive, and all concerns were immediately taken care of….Do it again!!" – Sandra Thornton, California
“I’m a senior, enjoying my golden years – life really is good, warts and all. Thank you everyone for giving an “old gal” a good time!” – Alice J. Smith, Delaware
“I think you did a great job. The friendly spirit among the Quackers was really special!!” –Marcia Hatt, Michigan
“Great service and much information prior to the cruise – very organized.” – Nancy Easum, Illinois
“Everything has been fabulous!” – Gloria Popescu, Chicago
“Thank you so much for all the time, work, and planning to make this cruise so memorable for all of us. Thank you Jeanne for making all of this - and all of these happy Quackers – possible.” – Bonnie Bassett, Michigan
“I enjoyed the entire experience and felt Jeanne and her staff did a GREAT JOB!!” –Jill Clark, Ohio
“It was a wonderful event. Glad I came. We’ll come again. But so much to do…so little time. Jeanne, you are an amazing woman!” – Carolyn Nugal, California
“Have been on 13 cruises. This was the best due to all of your efforts and fellow Quackers.” – Shirley Kidd, Florida
“Love to travel. Love it even more with Quakers. Keep these “Ducky Dates” going – PLEASE!!” – Debbie Brateman, Georgia
“Thank you for your kind attention to every detail. You are super! Looking forward to working with you again….Everything and everyone was EXCELLENT!... You are so talented and Quacker Factory is fortunate to have you as our travel partner.” –Joan Shovich, Florida
“I had the time of my life and I hope we can do this again sometime in the future.” – Renita Caldwell, California
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the week. So many new people to talk and laugh with.” – Karen Zentz, Pennsylvania
“Everything was handled beautifully – couldn’t have been better! It’s been a wonderful cruise. Thanks for all your hard work to make it happen!” – Elise Mink, Minnesota
“This was the cruise of a lifetime. You all were absolutely fantastic and always available to us. I have NO complaints and can’t wait to tell family and friends about this experience. THANK YOU ALL!” – Patricia Bakowski, New York

“This is my first cruise and what a better way to go for my first time. This has been the time of my life!...the love, friendship and joy that every single person on this cruise or running the cruise has to give has been so incredibly huge there isn’t words to truly explain. I can not wait for the next trip. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! – Alicia Pomante, Pennsylvania

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